New Website Launched

The new is live! Special thanks to Marcus at Marcus Tardif Consulting for getting us setup with new email and a new website.

Marcus Tardif Consulting

dunedinbreweryNew Website Launched

7 Comments on “New Website Launched”

  1. Greg H

    What happened to the information on the bands that are playing? There used to be much more inforamtion about then ust “Funk, ,etc…”

  2. marlene

    There aren’t any music events posted. Seems like there’s less info on this new website. The older version was more personable and easier to navigate. Nonetheless, wish you the best with this new site.

    1. dunedinbrewery

      Marlene, there certainly are music events posted. Click on “Music & Events” & you will see them. You can click on each date for more information.

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